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Our Values

What We

At StarLab Oasis our values instruct what we do and inform our decisions. Our emphasis is on long-term impact versus short-term gains. We use this impact to bring positive change in the world and is the driving force behind what we do.


How we run our company from the smallest detail to the grandest vision and everything in between, matters. Creating a culture that values people, products and processes have to be done intentionally. It doesn’t happen by accident. We believe that when a business operates at a higher standard with integrity, we create something that’s not only special, but enduring.


We are a part of a global community and that’s not just a slogan. We believe that the solutions to many of the world’s problems will come from the citizens of the world. It happens when we all work together, and will never happen with just one company, one team, or one person.

and Honesty

We believe an environment of transparency, honesty, and humility is the foundation of any effective organization. With this in mind, it must be intentionally modeled by the members of that organization to be authentic, believable, and replicable on every level throughout the organization. An open and accepting environment that fosters correction, not punishment when failures occur, and affirmation and celebration when achieving success. We realize we are all continuing to learn and that each challenge gives us an opportunity to grow.


We are intentional in choosing and retaining individuals that represent the global community from all walks of life. It is not enough for potential candidates to find us, we make it a priority to reach across geographic regions, religions, ethnicities, genders, abilities, ages and political affiliations. It is a proven fact that having diverse ideas from diverse teams and partnerships brings about the most innovative ideas and solutions.


We are entrepreneurial at our core. We realize that there are times to blaze a trail and other times to build and learn from the paths already paved. We use the creative potential of our team while maximizing key partnerships, knowing that by combining both we effectively find solutions.


Last but by far the most important thing we value are people. Whether it is employees, partners, clients, or potential customers, we make people a priority and this is demonstrated in creating an atmosphere where we shape our work around our life when possible. We realize life happens and many things are unplanned. We do not want anyone to feel like they have to choose between their health or the health of a loved one, and work. We want to make the decision easy. We know that when our internal customers, our employees, do well, so will the company.