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Our Team

Mohamed Mbarouk

Mohamed Mbarouk

Researcher/Engineer Business Development

Mohammed is from Tanzania but has spent the last 7 years in Abu Dhabi. He recently graduated from New York University – Abu Dhabi with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with an Aerospace Engineering concentration.

His long-term goal is to use the analytical and quantitative problem-solving skills developed from his education and relevant work experience to have a positive impact on his passion for the world of aerospace.

Recent breakthroughs in the private space sector, have led him to seek out a professional career to partake in the commercialization of space. He believes StarLab Oasis is the best place for him to capitalise on these new opportunities and seeks to use StarLab Oasis’ proven industry expertise and its entrepreneurial spirit to continue working towards the goals of shared interest for in-space and on-Earth habitation; namely efficient food production, via Space AgTech to ensure food security at different levels globally and beyond.