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Researcher/Engineer Business Development

Matthew is originally from Toronto, Canada and has a passion for thinking up strategy for some of the most interesting areas of innovation. He has a particular affinity for the aerospace sector and loves bringing big ideas to life. His experiences thus far have demonstrated his effectiveness as a communicator of ideas and vision and as someone who can develop implementation plans and execute them.

Matthew has played a key role in developing strategy and building the foundation of StarLab Oasis as one of the first members of the team. He has pitched to government entities in the UAE and worked with clients from around the world. Matthew is a huge proponent of global cooperation and sees the value of multinational teams of people working to make a meaningful impact around the world. Matt sees outer space as the next frontier for some of the greatest innovations with direct positive impacts here on Earth.

Matthew has a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from New York University – Abu Dhabi.