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Researcher/Engineer Intern

Kevin is originally from India but lived his entire life in Abu Dhabi and for some time during his undergraduate years in New York. He is currently a final-year student studying Mechanical Engineering at New York University and is passionate about finding solutions to any problems around him.

He has worked on multiple large projects with UAE Space Agency, Nanoracks, and SpacePort America Rocketry Cup where he built rockets and designed payloads. He has also worked with various research labs such as the NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress in New York and administrative bodies in New York City and Abu Dhabi to investigate how different subsystems in cities play an important role and how they complement each other using data.

At StarLab Oasis, he strongly believes that issues such as food security and climate change can be resolved by leveraging existing and future space technologies which will make the world a better place to live!