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Board of Directors and Advisory Board



Chairman of the Board and

Jeffrey has long been regarded as a pioneering force in the creation of the international New Space community. He is the co-founder and serves as the StarLab Oasis Chairman of the Board.

His notable achievements include:

— formation of the first Wall Street fund dedicated to the commercial space community, for $10 Million USD;

— helping create the Office of Space Commerce within the US Department of Commerce during the final year of the Reagan Administration;

— Managing Director of Energia USA, representing the Russian organization and later company RKK Energia in the United States. As Managing Director, Jeffrey helped coordinate Russia’s participation in the International Space Station program, and carried over on a plane the first commercial contract between NASA and Russian industry;

— Chief Executive Officer of MirCorp, the Dutch company that leased the Russian Space Station Mir for two years from 1999-2001. During his tenure, the Company signed with Mark Burnett of Survivor and NBC to do a game show where the winner would go to space, signed Dennis Burnett, the American space tourist, to travel to Mir, before Tito switched to ISS and MirCorp funded the world’s first fully commercial space mission of two travelers to the Mir for a 75 day mission. MirCorp is regarded today as the world’s first New Space company.

More recently, Jeffrey was employee #1 and served as Chief Executive Officer of Nanoracks, LLC. Jeffrey steered the growth of Nanoracks from a garage space in Webster, Texas in 1999 to the largest customer base for use of the International Space Station. Under Jeffrey’s leadership, Nanoracks was the first company in the world to own, develop and market their own private, self-funded hardware on the International Space Station. Most recently, Nanoracks’ Bishop Airlock permanently docked to the ISS, making it the largest operational commercially owned hardware on the space station today. Nanoracks has customers in over 30 countries, ranging from governmental agencies to universities and companies.

Industry Recognition

In 2012, Jeffrey was awarded the NASA Exceptional Public Achievement Medal. Other industry awards include the Space Frontier Foundation’s 2017 Pioneer of New Space Award, the 2019 Space Pioneer award for Entrepreneurship from the National Space Society, and the American Astronautical Society’s 2011 Lloyd V. Berkner Award for “working tirelessly to advance the cause of commercial spaceflight ranging from early efforts for cooperative commercial space activities with Russia through current commercial science payloads flown on the ISS.”

Other Activities

Jeffrey has served as an adviser to several national space agencies, and has testified numerous times before the US Congress, the US Senate and the Russian Duma. He has written several dozen articles and is the author of Selling Peace, which tells the story of his representing the Russian space industry to help realize the International Space Station program.