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About StarLab Oasis


Who We Are

StarLab Oasis are a team of dedicated space professionals who have operated Nanoracks, the largest commercial user of the International Space Station, on behalf of our customers in over 30 countries. Over time, we witnessed the profound impact the space environment was having on AgTech research and began to wonder if we could create biomass and technologies to help the most arid regions of the world. This questioning took us to Abu Dhabi, where we have partnered with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) to seek to address the challenges of food security, climate change, and the impact of climate migration, using cutting-edge in-space research.

In Abu Dhabi, we seek to create an international ecosystem that can bring together the leading astrocultural and space farming researchers. Together, we plan to use space platforms from a diverse mix of international space agencies and commercial partners, not the least of which is the hardware owned by Nanoracks onboard the International Space Station.

Discovering innovations that help green the Earth’s driest regions via the use of commercial space opportunities would not only help an increasing number of the farmers and consumers most impacted by climate change but illustrate that our space exploration can do far more to help us here on Earth.

StarLab Oasis Objectives

  • We aim to develop world class research and novel approaches to the pressing problems of climate change, desertification, food security and water scarcity by using the technology of space that will help minimize input and yield maximum output. The unique conditions of space affects the general makeup of seeds making them heartier and able to withstand harsh environments. This has allowed researchers to discover products to enhance and support life on Earth and beyond.
  • We seek to serve as a space agtech center working to address these challenges via orbiting greenhouses, exo-farms for research, and regenerative self-sustaining agriculture systems for continued research, development and implementation, to be used on Earth and in space.