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StarLab Oasis

Feeding The Universe

Our Mission

StarLab Oasis provides access to the scientific potential of the unique space environment, develops agricultural food technologies for a resource-limited world, leads in the discovery of climate solutions, and pioneers humanity to sustainably explore the universe.

Our Vision

Our focus is to work towards the day when everyone has affordable, available access to a nutritious, sustainably grown diet, the Earth’s ecology is sustainable and thriving, and humanity has the technology and resources necessary to explore the universe.

Vision Mission

Today, 1% of the world is considered a barely livable hot zone. By 2070, that portion may rise to 19%

The Great Climate Migration, New York Times

Why Space?

The challenges on Earth of arable land expansion, water scarcity, labor shortages and migration, climate change, desertification, and urbanization greatly limit the ideal conditions for the vast plant life needed to sustain the Earth’s inhabitants.

According to the United Nations, there are currently 25.5 million square kilometers of desert and semi-desert land. Our goal is to utilize the harsh environment of space using the combination of microgravity and increased exposure to galactic cosmic rays to innovate products and technologies to slow and eventually reverse desertification. But that is only part of the vision. The technology of space and the science of agriculture may play a part in minimizing this impact from adverse environments.

Surprisingly, there are decades of research funded by space agencies around the world that have provided substantial evidence that the harsh environment of space, with its high radiation levels and extreme temperature swings, can cause stress on a genetic level, produce bacteria and microbes, or grow seedlings, more quickly than on Earth.

The combination of the radiation present in outer space and the microgravity of space, combine to yield unique biomass products. StarLab Oasis will serve as the world’s first in-space facility that brings together the finest AgTech innovators and space researchers to develop cutting-edge products and technologies using the unique environment of space.

Why Space?

Our News

StarLab Oasis Opens in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI, UAE- August 25, 2021 – Nanoracks, the world’s leading provider of commercial access to space, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Space AgTech company, StarLab Oasis. This expansion highlights Nanoracks commitment to address the growing problems of desertification, climate change, water scarcity and food security. The research on the impact of harsh space environments and arid Earth conditions on agriculture, led us to the deserts of Abu Dhabi.

To boldly grow: Abu Dhabi research centre to use space technology to boost food security

A new research centre in Abu Dhabi will use the UAE desert as a testing ground to explore how space technology can help food production thrive in challenging climates – on Earth and beyond.

ADIO x Nanoracks – AgTech in Space

With Nanoracks operating out of Abu Dhabi, a whole new ecosystem is developing and pushing the envelope for agriculture technology (AgTech) development in the space!

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